Welcome to version 1.0 of the Key to Internet Radio! The Key to Internet Radio was created by the Prometheus Radio Project with support from ITF and Surdna. The Wizard and the Manual and other documents will help your station start streaming on the internet. There are many, many options for how to set up a web stream. The Key to Internet Radio simplifies things by starting with a limited number of good options. The Wizard then uses information about your needs to see which of those limited options are best for you.

The Key to Internet Radio focuses on the specifics of web streaming and assumes that you already have a structure to produce content. For guidance on topics such as fundraising, setting up a studio, and creating radio shows, visit our Station Support webpage.

How do I start?

The Wizard can help you learn a little about internet broadcasting as you go, but if you are unfamiliar with the basics of internet broadcasting, read the first sections of the Manual (link on the right) first. Internet broadcasting is usually a group effort which brings together expertise and skills from several areas, and the Wizard needs that expertise too. To answer the questions in the wizard, you will probably want help from people who know:
  1. technical and cost details about your current and/or future internet connection(s)
  2. technical and cost details about your current and/or future station web server (probably the people who manage and/or host it)
  3. what internet access speeds your audience have available for listening to internet radio, which may be related to their income
  4. the specifics of your current and/or future station audio set-up

How can I help improve the Key to Internet Radio?

You can contribute to the project in many ways! Here are some suggestions:
  1. If you have recommendations for improving the Key to Internet Radio, send them to technical at prometheusradio dot org.
  2. It costs money to continue developing the Key to Internet Radio! You can make a donation towards that work at our donation page.
  3. Spread the word! If you know other people who could make use of Key to Internet Radio, tell them to visit the Key to Internet Radio homepage.

When you're ready, go to the Wizard.

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